In the past month, I have tried to read as many blogs as I could get my eyes on and this is one of the best around.  Chris Guillebeau is attempting to travel to 197 countries (I think that’s pretty much all of them, he is not going to 5 or 6 because they are deep in war) by the next year or so. This guy is my current inspiration and deserves a lot of credit for many of the ideas that I am using for my trip.  He writes about entrepreneurship, international travel, and personal development.  He has some great ebooks, “A Brief Guide to World Domination” and “279 Days to Success” that are all free that have some great ideas about how to live exactly how you want to live.

Here are some lessons I am going to call my Guillebeauism’s:

1.  Be Transparent!  No schemy marketing ploy’s or pschyhological games so people will pay me money.

2.  Give!  Tell your secrets and don’t charge people an arm and a leg.  GIVE THEM AWAY!

3.  Stick to your guns!  Do not sacrifice your values for exposure or compensation.

4.  Shoot for the Moon!  Live how you want to and don’t settle for less.




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Look at everyday things from a different perspective.

Look at everyday things from a different perspective.

“It’s a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.” Robert Benigni