“Be Kind, Have Fun, and Do the Right Thing.”


To BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN SPORTS, please give this to a supervisor whom is Progressive and a Visionary,



I’m Benjamin, a customer for the past 6 years and a resident of Central Virginia.


I respect your company and the products your company makes.  Thank you for providing great gear to people in the Blue Ridge Area.

I also respect your company for giving the employees and students of New Dominion School (an outdoor residential school in Central Virginia) a discount on gear.  Your company and it’s deeds are appreciated and no matter your reaction to the rest of this letter, please know I appreciate you.


I would like your company to donate $1000 dollars to me so that I can outfit myself with:


1.  A Great pair of Hiking Boots

2.  A Hiking Backpack

3.  A One person tent or Bivy Sack

4.  A good pair of hiking pants

5.  Quality Underwear/ Socks/ Shirt

6.  Sleeping Pad

7.  Camelbak


So here is where you can stop reading, if you are not a visionary nor possess a giving spirit.  This offer is not for everyone and no hard feelings if it is not for you all.  I will still be a loyal customer.  However, this is an opportunity to invest in bettering the world and also improving your “brand.”


Still with me, the rest of the letter will detail WHAT I am doing, WHY it BENEFITS YOU to donate this money to myself, and WHY you should not donate the money to me.


First, my name is Benjamin Jenks and I am a resident of Farmville, Virginia and have worked at New Dominion School for troubled youth for the past 6 years.  The most recent year and a half as the Program Director of the outdoor residential school that helps at-risk youth improve their social, educational, and emotional skills.  I have recently left New Dominion School for my next adventure which is to HITCHHIKE / WALK AROUND THE USA to inspire people to help BETTER THE WORLD (www.changeyourworld.com).  The goal being to meet as many people whom are BETTERING THE WORLD and document it on a website for everyone to see and learn from.  So I would interview Social Activists, Politicians, Teachers, Business Men, etc.  as many people whom are helping our world for the better.  Now, on June 1, I will be walking out of Farmville, Virginia with gear that I already have or from the local thrift store because New Dominion School was helping to change the world, yet the pay was not enough to fund this type of long term trip.  I would like to have great gear and am offering you the opportunity to give it to me as a gift.  






2.  It would improve your “brand.”  I will be talking to thousands of people in the next year and some whom are very influential in communities.  Your deed will not go unnoticed.  And although I do not plan to tattoo Blue Ridge Mountain Sports on my arm or go around singing the tune to the world.  I will speak to people about the things I am grateful for on my trip and this will come up without me having to do any artificial “plugging” or posting Blue Ridge Mountain Sports Banners across the country,  but it is the best type of advertising which is a loyal and happy “customer.”  “Word of mouth” advertising at it’s best.  I will naturally tell the world how happy, proud, grateful, and blessed by BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN SPORTS, I am.




1.  If your company is strapped for cash.  Please do not bankrupt your company for my project.  Someone else will provide the money or I will find a way to raise the money.


2.  If you are interested in donating money to “guaranteed” charities and such.  I have no one donating to me so far and right now only my friends and a few people whom I have met on practice hitchhiking trips are aware of my journey.  So it will not be an immediate huge impact, but my goals are to:


A. Start walking from my home JUNE 1 and walk for at least a year but mostly until it seems my goal of changing the world is met (so I could be walking forever).

B.  Set up a real website (I have a free word press account and facebook group right now) and LAUNCH on August 10.

C.  After 1 year have 10,000 members of my website, http://www.changeyourworld.com (or something similar).

D.  Write a blog and upload photographs every other day.

E.  Interview at least 100 World-Changers!  


If you have made it down here, you rule!  I really appreciate you giving me a chance to be heard and no matter what your decision is, thank you for your time.


I realize that no business would just hand out 1000$ in products on an email, so if this is a project that you are interested please email me and we can start the process of “getting to know” each other.


I wish you all the best in business and life and may you keep bettering our world by running a moral business that makes good quality products.


All the best,



“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.