May 14, 2009.

Back at Home in Farmville.


walking home from lynchburg.

walking home from lynchburg.




Thank you!!!to the people whom were helpful, funny, and awesome in my journey to Lynchburg and back home again.  Bill, Shawn, the two little old ladies from Alpena, MI, Hope & her friend, whose name I can’t place, Travis, Nolan, Frazer, Mike, Josh, Matt, Debbie, Jessica, Denny, and Sheila.  Mucho love!

Today after awaking on Liberty Mountain top, I hiked  to a spot out of town and caught a ride with a gnarly-voiced man, named Denny whom had been screwed by his Dad and no luck with women or children.  “I guess, I picked you up, because I needed to vent.”  He played me a song by, Brent Dennen (check him out);  and it was one of those moments where a song just hit’s you, it was perfect for the occasion.  He gave me the CD.  

He let me out near Pamplin, VA on his way to a landscaping job, but also the middle of nowhere.  But for about a half an hour after getting a ride, I don’t seem to care if I don’t get a ride and I dig walking and feel great.  Luckily, as soon as I started to think, “hey if I don’t get picked up, I could be in the boonies” a woman named Sheila stopped to pick me up.

“I drove by once and you looked harmless enough.”

She had had a rod installed in her neck recently so had a neck brace on.  She knew some friends of mine. We went to Dollar General and got some paper plates, diapers, and little pink shoes for a baby shower she is attending.  But she dropped me off a block and a half from home.  It is a good feeling to walk up to my home.


on the campus of Liberty University.

on the campus of Liberty University.



Tommorrow, I decide what gear I need & what gear I want and I start writing some letters to some businesses to see if they would like to donate some gear.

Change your world,


“Kindness is the greatest wisdom.” – unknown