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June 1! 11 days away and I will be walking out of Farmville.

BUT, I was dealt a major blow last week. The couple that was looking into the paperwork to sign the lease to rent my home (I thought 95% deal done), had some “messy” problems and backed out.

Renting my home is priority numbero uno on this coming journey because there is no way I could afford to pay my mortgage and hitchhike the country. 

So back to the drawing board; putting ads in the Farmville Herald and on Craigslist and trying to maintain the positive mojo.

“Accept whatever comes your way!” This is a major value of my trip and I get to start right now. In fact, the journey is not starting on June 1, but it has already begun.

I am still going to be leaving town on June 1, I am just waiting to be blown away by something miraculous happening. A friend of mine said yesterday, “Well, at least if you don’t get anyone, you could leave at the end of the summer.” Huh, I had never thought that I would not get anyone to rent out my home.

Anyways, to refocus I had a great time at the Bear Creek Academy yesterday and will be writing an article shortly about their school. Also, by next Tuesday I will be buying the Domain Name for my website.

I decided to expand my search and really research this some. I like Change your world, but I don’t love it! Change your Universe, seems a bit wordy and lacks the “punch.” I want my title to hit you in the gut!!! As you see it on a bumper sticker and you are walking by you think, “I should do …(insert thing you have always wanted to do but have been waiting for the time to do it)… this now.” 

So here is my new list and I am going to keep brain storming more.

(I like “create” that is kinda what I am going for, I wish there was a word for “totally take charge of your life and do exactly what you want and do it to better the world” is there a word for this?)

Tell me what you think. 

I am also trying to think of maybe a new spelling of a word like create (but kreate doesn’t do it).

So far in my eyes.

Change your world,

“Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart.” -Myla Kabat-Zinn


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Create your world.

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