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Today, is the day of buying the domain name for the site (the and I have narrowed it down to 2 choices. 


Create Your World.  versus  Create Our World.




According to my friend, Paul Gilbert, “Change” is so 2008…, so I am losing “Change” and going with “Create”.   But I can’t decide between “your” or “our” so I have decided to Google both phrases and analyze the top 5 hits.


Both look promising on being able to dominate this Keyword Search.


“Create your world.”


5.  Create your World – Commercial on YouTube.  


I am not sure what the product is but I think it is a Dutch commercial and I like the graphics and the big blue crayon.


4.  Create or Conquer – Create Your Own RPG Game World.  


This is a site devoted to creating your own RPG Game, “immersing yourself in a role playing world, built by yourself or other players of our community.”  OR it looks like you could join another player’s world.  MALMON looks interesting, it is a small city on the edge of the Aquatea Sea, with quite a few amenities.


3.  Create your world – Making Dreams and Visions a Reality.  


“We have all been made in the image and likeness of the Creator, therefore we are creators also,”  from Nicole Andrews the CEO and Founder.  She has a passion to help individuals discover and fulfill their God-given purpose through practical means which will ultimately advance the Kingdom of God on earth.


2. – Map Your World!  


Create a Map of your favorite places, travels or destinations and share the map with friends or the whole world!


“It’s a really powerful set of tools for travelers and map lovers, and a great way to find people who share your interests.”

– Jim Nichols, Partner, Catalyst:SF





1.  Make Your Own Evil Plan – The Evil Plan Generator.  


“Have you ever wanted to come up with a great evil plan, but just never had the time or intelligence? Well, your prayers have been answered…”


I will share my Evil Plan that was generated:


“Your objective is simple: World Domination

Your motive is a little bit more complex: Love (Yes, it works)


Stage One:

To begin your plan, you must first Seduce a Wall Street Executive.  This will cause the world to sit up and take notice, stunned by your arrival.  Who is this Evil Genius?

Where did they come from?  And why do they look so good in a Supervillian Costume with Gimmicks?”


It goes on but I will spare you the details.



Create our World.


5. Logo Contest: Create our New Logo!  


“ represents the global football fan.”

“Our fans are the lifeblood of our site and our community..”


4.  Our World to Create – Poem: Get More Poems at Quizilla


 Our World to Create create by gr33nkoz

Together we have gone through a lot

Our eyes have seen many people get shot

Fighting for our rights

Following the lights

To live in freedom.

Marching down the street

Their life has not been a treat

It still isn’t that great

But soon change will occur in our fate,

People will see us as equals.

This World Is For Us To Create…


3.  Our Thoughts Create Our World.  


“Mindfulness doesn’t always have to be work; it can be fun.  I can be amused at the things I cook up in my mind.”  by Lenore Flynn


2.  YouTube – Creator/ Create our World.  


A reggae music video with the hook:


“As far as the eyes can see;

my people they all are free;

free as they want to be;

creating our history.”





“If you have an HP, Brother, Canon, Samsung, Sharp or Konica/Minolta Printer or Copier, you know how much you can fork out in cost for toners and drums!”



Going to hang around Charlottesville today and work on the site and relax.


B & R Market. 6:50am.

B & R Market. 6:50am.


Love. 7:06am.

Love. 7:06am.




Please tell me what you think!


Create your world, Create our world,

ben. ben.

“We must maximize our full potential and create our world!”

– Nicole Andrews, CEO and Founder of Create your world.










Walking out of Farmville at 8:24am.

Walking out of Farmville at 8:24am.





Charlottesville.  Virginia.

As I was walking out of Farmville, this morning at around 8 am, I was sensing bad mojo for today’s trip.  Today was tough, but I am in Charlottesville and healthy.


Although, it started great!  After I had hiked a few miles out of Farmville, to the intersection of Route 15 and Route 460.  I bought a cup of coffee and thumb fully extended, making good eye contact with passing cars, giving them the big smile, I had a truck stop pretty soon.  


But… my gut was not happy about this vehicle.  It was a rickety, old truck packed with trash in the back and two long-haired folk in the cab.  One man and one woman.  They drove by, all smiles and then pulled around to make another pass.  Now, the whole time, I am hoping they are not coming back for me.  I do NOT want to ride with this pair.  One, I think it would be pretty crammed in their cab, with all three of us and my hiking pack.  But also, they just seem a little too happy to see me.  Maybe I was wrong, but I told them that I would find another ride.


They drove on and I was patting myself on the back for going with my gut!  

Plus, I look at hitchhiking like dating.  


Don’t settle for a ride you don’t feel good about!  There are always more cars coming!


In 20 minutes, a Jeep Cherokee stopped with Gordon, Andrea, and Jacob inside, they were going to Bent Creek for kayaking since it is Memorial Day.  I almost jumped in the car as soon as they stopped.  It was a husband, wife, and kid pulling a trailer full of kayaks.  This is a first class “ride.” 


Andrea had a lot to say.  They like vacationing, especially Shee-co-teague (I don’t know how to spell it, but it is an island in the Chesapeake Bay with horses).  It is quiet and peaceful.


I was considering heading where they were going, almost hoping they would invite me along, just so I could hang out with them longer.  But, no luck and I really wanted to get to Charlottesville so I got off in Dillwyn and hiked another mile up to another street light to wait for another ride.


I am feeing great!  It is before 11am and I have gone over 20 miles and met this great family.  I was very confident that another ride would come soon.



I was wrong.  


I waited.  Then moved up the road a bit.  Then waited.  Then snuck into the woods for a nap.  Back to the road.  Lots of waiting and trying not to wait in the sun.  

Eventually after 6 and a half hours of waiting, I just decided to start walking.  Scottsville was 20 miles away and although, I knew I couldn’t walk the whole way, at least I was heading in the right direction and maybe someone would pity me as I was walking in the middle of nowhere.


So, I walked and it was good.  

After a few miles, a young woman, named Jenny picked me up.  She worked at Charley’s Waterfront Cafe in Farmville and she was driving a Blue Mustang with a license plate that said, “Hocker.”


“That is my last name.”


She was going home to Staunton and agreed to take me to Charlottesville.  

We didn’t talk much.  My brain was zapped from the sun and the view was nice.  



An Ode to my "long lost" roommate, Jenny.

An Ode to my "long lost" roommate, Jenny.



I arrived at 7pm and bought a bushel of strawberries.  I ate the whole thing (but wished I had had water to wash them); is that bad for you??


Well, I’m going to find a place to hole up for the night soon.  Unfortunately, I recently formatted my hard drive so had to reload a lot of programs and my photos are not uploading.  I will try to fix this tommorrow.


All the best to everyone.


Create your world,



“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Hellen Keller

Create your world photos.

Create your world.

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