World Changers,

So in the days of Organic food and RAW food and the burgeoning industry of food grown locally, I support Buffet’s.  The cheaper the better.  Buffet’s that you can get fried chicked at 11am in the morning.  Buffet’s that have strawberry short cake year round.  Buffet’s that on Thanksgiving you can chat up the waitress whom is working and away from her family.  

I support buffet’s because even though they may not be good for the arteries, it is good for the soul.  I support a place that you can strike up a conversation over bacon.  To meet mother’s while serving up some cottage cheese on your peaches.  The people at buffet’s are friendly & caring.  Go to your nearest buffet and see, ask someone to pass you a roll.

Change your world,


“Who ever is happy will make others happy too.”

-Mark Twain